Ergonomic solutions for PCs
This shelf under the system unit is made of metal with elements of transparent acrylic, which gives an aesthetic appearance and lightness of construction. The shelf is designed to be mounted on a tabletop and is suitable for all types of tables, including lifting and stationary ones, and for tabletops with a thickness of 18 mm or more.
Exclusive design
This PC mount stands out for its unique design. The combination of metal and acrylic creates an elegant and modern look that is perfect for any office or home space. And the use of transparent acrylic in the design of the shelf allows you to emphasize the beauty of your system unit and give the lightness of the design
Reliability and durability
The design of the shelf is carefully thought out, which allows it to withstand heavy loads (up to 20 kg) and maintain reliability, guaranteeing the safety of your system unit for many years Thanks to the high-quality powder coating of the metal frame, the shelf is protected from corrosion and scratches, which increases its durability and maintains an attractive appearance
Design features
The design of the shelf for the system unit is carefully thought out to provide easy access to the device, convenience in maintenance and connection of peripheral devices, and is also designed to effectively dissipate the heat generated by the system unit, preventing overheating. In addition, fixing the shelf to the tabletop helps to minimize the ingress of dust and moisture on the system unit, significantly increasing its service life.


PC shelf: the perfect solution for organization
workspace. Provides convenient access to the system unit, supports
optimal cooling and ventilation. Metal frame with powder coating -
guarantee durability. Fastening to the tabletop with screws. Maximum
the weight of the system unit is 20 kg.

The main difference between the V1 and V2 versions of the shelves for the system unit is the type of attachment: V1 is attached to the tabletop, and V2 - to the frame of the lifting table. When attaching the V2 to the frame, the weight of the system unit can reach up to 30 kg, while for the V1, which is attached to the tabletop, the maximum weight is no more than 20 kg. There is also a difference in the permissible height of the system unit: for the V1 shelf it is 570 mm, while for the V2 it is 500 mm.

Технічні характеристики

The material of the frame is metal

Coating - powder

The material of the protective overlays is acrylic

Fastening to the table top with six screws.

The maximum load is up to 20 kg

Color – black, white, gray (standard colors)

Overall size - 600x260x560mm (HxWxD)

The maximum size of the system unit is 570x215x520

Additional options - ind. color and size

The manufacturer is TEHNOTABLE

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If the product is available - 1-3 days. In the case of production, the term is up to 14 days.

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Possibility to pick up the order from the address: Vyshneve, st. Kyivska, building 29. (Mon-Fri 8:30-16:00).

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Delivery in Ukraine is carried out at the expense of the recipient. When ordering any product together with a lifting table, you get free address delivery of the entire order.

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The carrier is "Nova Poshta".

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100% of the total cost of the order.

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