GTCHAIR Vida V7-A is a chair that combines the highest level of convenience and comfort. Thanks to a wide range of settings, you can perfectly adapt it to your individual needs and wishes. The soft and ergonomic seat provides a pleasant contact with the body, allowing you to feel comfortable during long periods of sitting. Adjustable armrests allow you to find the optimal position for your hands, keeping them in a comfortable position during work or play. A comfortable headrest and lumbar support guarantee the correct position of the body, which is important to avoid fatigue and tension during long-term use.
Stylish design
GTCHAIR Vida V7-A is not just a chair, it is art in style and design. Its stylish ergonomic design, which impresses down to the last detail, creates an atmosphere of elegance and modernity in any space. Every detail of this chair looks like a well-thought-out composition that gives it the look of a sports car, where every line and shape is harmoniously combined. Colors are black or gray. The color of the base depends on the choice of model: model A - aluminum base, model N - nylon base (black color).
Regulation. Individuality
GTCHAIR Vida V7-A impresses with its functionality and innovative design. The adjustable height and tilt of the headrest allow you to find the ideal head position, ensuring comfort throughout the entire period of use. Adjustable backrest height and tilt help achieve optimal support for your back. The choice of the angle of inclination and the tension of the inclination allows you to adjust the chair taking into account your personal preferences. The height adjustable lumbar support and seat allow you to adjust it to best support your body.
Reliability and durability
The chair is made of high-quality materials, so it has a 5-year warranty. The strong structure of the frame (aluminum or nylon - to choose from) ensures stability and reliability during use. The use of innovative production technologies guarantees a long service life of the chair without loss of quality. Thanks to careful quality control and endurance testing, GTCHAIR Vida V7-A (N) withstands heavy loads and ensures long-term durability. This chair is not only a reliable piece of furniture, but also an investment in comfort and pleasure for a long period of time.


A modern chair designed for maximum efficiency.
The tilt angle adjustment system (3А System) allows you to adjust the mechanism at 15 different levels within 33 ° of tilt.
Made of mesh, the chair effectively dissipates heat, ensuring comfortable use, and avoids heating soft fabrics.
System of automatic adaptation to the sitting position.
The maximum load is 250 kg.
Lumbar support from elastic foam.
Level 4 gas lift, BIFMA tested.
Swing mechanism from 30 to 180 degrees.
Adjustable backrest from 90 to 133 degrees.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE VIDA X AND A(N) MODELS is in the location of the adjustment buttons. In Model X, all tilt/height control buttons are located on the armrests of the chair, which simplifies the control of the chair. In Model A, the control levers are located under the seat, not on the armrests. Model N = Model A, but has a nylon base instead of aluminum

Технічні характеристики

  • Frame: black. In model A - aluminum, and model N - engineering plastic
  • Aluminum parts: polished aluminum alloy ADC12 reinforced
  • Headrest upholstery: highly elastic, super thin (thickness 13mm) Korean Wintex LP mesh
  • Seat upholstery: highly elastic, super thin (thickness 13mm) Korean mesh Wintex GT Series
  • Armrests: polyurethane and fiberglass 30%
  • Rollers: 65mm PU

Доставка та оплата

Production and Delivery Terms


Production and shipping time:

If the product is available - 1-3 days.

Terms of Payment and Delivery in Ukraine:

Payment options:

- Payment by card using the details of the FOP's card account

- Online payment on the website

- Transfer to a current account

- Postpaid through "Nova Poshta"

- Purchase in installments from Monobank


Methods of Delivery



Possibility to pick up the order from the address: Vyshneve, st. Kyivska, building 29. (Mon-Fri 8:30-16:00). Depending on the product, there are discounts for self-delivery.


Delivery across Ukraine:

Delivery across Ukraine at the expense of the recipient. . The carrier is "Nova Poshta". When receiving the goods, it is mandatory to inspect and fix possible damages.


Delivery in Kyiv:

Delivery is carried out by Nova Poshta according to the carrier's tariffs. Delivery and installation of TABLES in Kyiv is free. We coordinate the time and date. Bringing in and setting up the table is free if there is an elevator. In other cases, conditions are negotiated individually.


Terms of Payment and Delivery across the Border



100% of the total cost of the order.


Payment methods

- Online payment on the website


Methods of Delivery

Delivery abroad is carried out by "Meest" and "Nova Poshta". The cost depends on the tariffs of the logistics company and is paid by the buyer.



- 5 years

*Subject to compliance with the rules of operation.


Warranty Repair

If malfunctions are detected, TEHNOTABLE will repair or replace them free of charge (except in cases of careless use). Delivery for repair, subject to compliance with the rules of use, is carried out at the expense of TEHNOTABLE.


Post-warranty service

After the end of the warranty period, in case of detection of malfunctions of the device or any individual element, we offer to use the services of our service department. We will repair or replace for the cost of the parts that require replacement or repair.


Exchange and return of goods

Exchange and return of the product is possible if it does not meet the order, your expectation or is of poor quality. You have the right to return the product within 14 days of receipt. Before doing so, make sure that the product has no signs of use, such as scratches or other defects. Delivery of the power of attorney is carried out at TEHNOTABLE's expense if the product does not meet the order and at the Buyer's expense if it does not meet the Buyer's expectations.



WARNING! Unfortunately, we are forced to refuse to return or exchange the product in the following cases:

- goods that were damaged after receipt (except for manufacturing defects)

- goods with traces of use

- individual orders made according to the customer's requirements

- goods after 14 days from the day of sale.

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