Take your laptop to a new level! With the multi-function stand, you can position your laptop correctly at eye level, at the right angle, and attach it to a bracket for complete mobility and control. The stand is universal. We can also do individual engraving.
Optimization of table space
This helps to optimize desktop space. When the laptop is standing vertically, it takes up less space, which makes it possible to use the work surface more efficiently.
Bracket mounting
This allows you to place the laptop at the required distance from the eyes and use it as a monitor or system unit. This solution provides a better overview and convenience when working.
A laptop can be used as the main device for work by placing it on a table with appropriate additional equipment, such as an external keyboard or mouse.


The 3 in 1 laptop stand is your assistant, which allows you to place the laptop at the optimal eye level, ensuring the correct viewing angle. It is recommended to keep the laptop screen at a height that allows the eyes to look slightly down, approximately 50-70 cm from the eyes, which helps to reduce the strain on the neck and eyes. A unique feature of our stand is the VESA monitor bracket attachment, which provides complete mobility and ease of control. The stand is universal, suitable for most laptop models. Own production. Warranty - 12 months.

Технічні характеристики

Height - 125 mm

Width - 280 mm

Length – 280 mm

Доставка та оплата

Production and shipping time:

If the product is available - 1-3 days. In the case of production, the term is up to 14 days.

 Terms of Payment and Delivery in Ukraine:

If there are products from the order, the following payment options are possible:

- Payment by card using the details of the FOP's card account

- Online payment on the website

- Transfer to a current account

- Postpaid through "Nova Poshta"

- Purchase in installments from Monobank

When ordering a custom solution or products that are not available, the prepayment is 30% of the total cost of the order. Payment of the second part - 70% is made upon agreement with the customer as follows:

- Payment by card using the details of the FOP card account, before the order is shipped

- Transfer to the current account, before shipping the order

- Cash on delivery through "Nova Poshta" - the service fee is paid by the Buyer.

 Methods of Delivery


Possibility to pick up the order from the address: Vyshneve, st. Kyivska, building 29. (Mon-Fri 8:30-16:00).

Delivery across Ukraine:

Delivery in Ukraine is carried out at the expense of the recipient. When ordering any product together with a lifting table, you get free address delivery of the entire order.

It is important to carefully inspect the product upon receipt. If damage was detected during delivery, it is necessary to notify the carrier, refuse to accept the goods with the reasons, and contact us immediately to resolve the issue. In this case, we will send you a new item. Please note that claims for damage discovered after receiving the product are not accepted.

The carrier is "Nova Poshta".

Terms of Payment and Delivery across the Border


100% of the total cost of the order.

 Payment methods

- Online payment on the website

 Methods of Delivery

Delivery abroad is carried out by "Meest" and "Nova poshta". The cost depends on the tariffs of the logistics company and is paid by the buyer.

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