This stand for the system unit, made in the form of a stylish metal leg, is a universal solution for optimizing the working space on the lifting table. It is easily attached to any part of the tabletop, providing flexibility in placement. A special feature of this stand is its adaptive plane, which can be adjusted to perfectly fit the system unit of different sizes. Reliability of fastening is provided by long, 1.5-meter belts with metal fasteners, which allow you to safely hold blocks weighing up to 15 kg. It is an ideal solution for those looking for an efficient and elegant solution for organizing the workplace.
Minimalistic design
The minimalism of this stand not only affects aesthetics, but also ensures that it will not take up extra space on your desktop. Its discreet appearance ensures that attention is focused on the system unit, and not on the stand itself. This is an ideal option for those who appreciate clean lines and an unobtrusive style.
Flexible adaptation to PC sizes
One of the key features of this stand is its ability to adapt to different sizes of system units. Thanks to its adjustable plane and long straps with metal fasteners, it can hold equipment of various sizes and weights up to 15 kg, while ensuring its safe and secure placement. This makes the stand an ideal choice for those looking for a versatile and practical solution for their workplace.
Individual color according to the RAL scale
This shelf has the unique possibility of painting in any color from the wide RAL palette. This allows it to harmoniously fit into the design of any interior, adapting to the personal preferences of the owner. You have the opportunity to choose a color that perfectly emphasizes the style of your workspace, while providing the necessary accent on the system unit.


PC shelf: the perfect solution for organization
workspace. Provides convenient access to the system unit, supports
optimal cooling and ventilation. Metal frame with powder coating -
guarantee durability. Fits 80% of lift table frames. Maximum
the weight of the system unit is 30 kg.

The main difference between the V1 and V2 versions of the shelves for the system unit is the type of attachment: V1 is attached to the tabletop, and V2 - to the frame of the lifting table. When attaching the V2 to the frame, the weight of the system unit can reach up to 30 kg, while for the V1, which is attached to the tabletop, the maximum weight is no more than 20 kg. There is also a difference in the permissible height of the system unit: for the V1 shelf it is 570 mm, while for the V2 it is 500 mm.

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Material - metal + powder coating
The type of attachment is to the tabletop
The type of fastening of the system unit is a harness with fasteners
The maximum load is up to 15 kg
Color - to choose from (black, white, gray) by default it is painted in the color of the frame. Any painting according to RAL is possible.

The manufacturer is TEHNOTABLE

Dimensions -500x500x188mm

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Production and shipping time:

If the product is available - 1-3 days. In the case of production, the term is up to 14 days.

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Possibility to pick up the order from the address: Vyshneve, st. Kyivska, building 29. (Mon-Fri 8:30-16:00).

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The carrier is "Nova Poshta".

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