Dear friends!
We conducted an extremely informative and informative interview with lighting technology expert and owner of the "Technical Lighting Center" Ihor Smetana. Ihor has been studying and professionally dealing with this issue for more than 9 years and is a leading specialist in Ukraine.

Igor's company develops individual lighting concepts and implements them step by step from idea to chief installation.
Today, they are exclusive representatives of a number of European manufacturers of lighting equipment, the main one of which is ES-SYSTEM Glamox Group.

In the conversation, we will receive answers to the following questions:

- What is the difference between natural and artificial light
- What is human-centered lighting
- What effect do circadian rhythms have on the human body
- What type of lighting best meets the requirements of the human eye
- Modern technologies in the world of light

Let's learn and get to know the world (and light) together!


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