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How to choose a frame with electronic height adjustment for your table?

Frames with electronic height adjustment are an innovative solution for creating a comfortable and ergonomic workplace. They provide a smooth change in the height of the work surface, allowing you to easily adapt the table to individual needs.

Types of frames with electronic height adjustment.
There are different types of frames with electronic height adjustment: with two, three and four supports. For people taller than 185 cm, frames with three or four supports are recommended for maximum comfort in the upper positions of the table.

The main parameters affecting the stability of the frame:
- Number of supports: A greater number of supports provides better stability;
- Manufacturing material: High-quality materials, such as steel or aluminum, increase the strength of the structure;
- Weight of supports: An important factor of stability. For working at a computer with two supports, frames with a weight of 30 kg or more are recommended. Lighter frames are more suitable for laptops;
- Height adjustment range: A wide range allows you to adjust the table to any height;
- Power of electric motors: Powerful motors ensure smooth operation of the lifting mechanism.

Use of frames with a lifting mechanism
Frames with electronic height adjustment can be used for different types of tables:
- Computer desks;
- Gaming tables;
- Production tables;
- Children's tables;
- Tables for meeting rooms;
- Stations for DJs and vloggers;
- Tables for seamstresses;
- Tables for rest areas, dining rooms and others.

TEHNOTABLE frames with electronic height adjustment provide maximum comfort and functionality. All models have a 5-year warranty, which confirms their reliability.

Technical characteristics of the lifting mechanism and control panel:
- Our frames are equipped with powerful electric motors for a smooth change in height.
- The control panel allows you to adjust the height of the table with one push of a button. Many models have the ability to save multiple height settings for quick switching between operating modes.

With TEHNOTABLE frames, your future height-adjustable table will meet all your desired needs and reflect a unique style.