Comfortable, at first glance, working in an office behind a laptop actually hides many "pitfalls". The main danger of a sedentary lifestyle is health problems that cannot be corrected even by intensive physical exercises in the free time from work. Therefore, it is important to properly organize your workplace and yourself in it without "taking time off from production".

TOP ways to maintain healthy activity

Leg muscles, spine trunk, eyes, respiratory organs and pelvis are most prone to painful attacks. Hypodynamia provokes obesity, impaired blood circulation in the lower part of the body, irritation of mucous membranes from dry air. Asthenopia (eye fatigue), osteochondrosis, prostatitis, and hemorrhoids are considered concomitant diseases of sedentary work.

Take care of your eyes

  • The monitor should be at a distance of 0.5-0.6 m from the name. The center of the screen is set directly in front of the eyes. Otherwise, the forced turn of the head also creates an additional load on the spine.
  • Natural lighting of the workplace - slightly to the left and behind (for left-handed employees - to the right).
  • Avoid multicolor on the screen, which causes eye strain. 2-3 colors in the blue-gray palette are quite enough for a working "picture".
  • Alternate working time with frequent five-minute breaks for eye exercises - blinking, squinting, spatial movement of the gaze.

Watch your posture

  • Minimally reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system by installing ergonomic furniture. These include special computer chairs with anatomical backs to maintain a comfortable posture and height-adjustable computer desks for your height. As a result, it will be possible to work in different positions, including standing.
  • Unloading the spine for at least 30 minutes a day while working in a standing position, you can remove back pain syndrome, avoid scoliosis, hernias and protrusions. When using a height-adjustable desk, adjust the desk so that the top of the computer screen is at eye level. The special cutout of the tabletop is designed for a comfortable position of the elbows and the ability to relieve the shoulders as much as possible.

Activate motor activity

Be sure to walk. Cover distances at an intense pace, alternating between walking on heels and on socks. Prefer stairs to elevators and escalators. Visit the pool. Don't neglect easy running, squats, inclines, and pull-ups either. Schedule half an hour of physical education three times a week. It's good if it's a gym, but you shouldn't give up running in the fresh air, morning gymnastics either.

Perform dynamic exercises in the workplace

  • A 10-minute physical warm-up at your desk can include:
  • periodic squeezing of the hand expander with the free hand;
  • turning the head in different directions;
  • self-massage of the collar zone, hands;
  • simultaneous pressure on the back of the chair with the lumbar region and buttocks;
  • "sitting" pose with the chair pushed back;
  • exercise "bicycle" and "mill" for legs;
  • warm-up of outstretched arms, clenching them into fists;
  • pressing the elbows into the tabletop (5-7 seconds each);
  • circular rotations of the pelvis with legs at shoulder level and hands on the waist.

Breathe clean air

Protecting the respiratory tract from the harmful effects of the atmosphere is not easy. But it is possible to alleviate the negative impact. Daily wet cleaning of the workplace, computer and keyboard will protect the lungs from dust and germs. Indoor plants, an aquarium with fish will moisten the dry air, reduce dustiness and the charge of static voltage, which is dangerous for health. Do not forget about regular ventilation of the room.

Follow these recommendations, and then even the most strenuous and prolonged sedentary work will not harm your health.

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