We took a yoga master class from our trainer Yulia Yakovenko and share it with you.

In this video, Julia, the head of the Oasis Yoga studio, will tell which muscles are in a spasmodic state when sitting.

We also learned what simple exercises can be performed even in the office to help reduce the negative impact of sedentary work.

Why we turned to Julia

Julia has a deep understanding of the body and extensive experience in various physical practices:

since 2004 – practicing martial arts;
since 2006 - practices yoga;
since 2009 - conducts individual and group classes;
since 2012 - head of the Oasis Yoga studio;
since 2013 – conducts traveling yoga seminars (Ukraine, Turkey, India, Albania, Egypt)
since 2016 - studying osteopathy and craniosacral therapy at the "Paradigma" educational center. He is also a certified master of Thai (yoga) massage;
2017 - received initiation into Kriya Yoga from Mahayoga Pilot Babaji during the Kumbha Mela holiday in India.
In 2018, she received an international certificate of completion of the "Psychosomatics" course.

We offer you to do a few things with us to relieve stress from a sedentary working day. You can adjust the duration of each exercise yourself.


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