In one interview, Rand Fishkin (founder of MOZ) and according to many the #1 SEO specialist in the West, said that he works standing up. The reason was health problems - acute inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

Today, many employees of Facebook, Google, and even employees of the administration of the President of the United States practice standing. They do not wait for serious problems to change and start working standing, but act in advance.

Note: working exclusively standing is also harmful - it increases the load on the legs, it is better to alternate sitting / standing positions, for example, every 1-2 hours.

Dr. Levine's approach

In the USA, this direction was developed by Dr. James Levin. James A. Levine - doctor of medical and philosophical sciences. He works at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Arizona. He is a well-known specialist in sitting and overweight problems.

Dr. Levin himself suffered from excess weight since childhood, and it was because of this personal problem that he revealed the cause of mass obesity in modern humanity. An honest approach based on personal suffering and an open mind allowed him to get to the bottom of the problem and be the first in the West to raise the flag of the fight against the immobility of the "civilized" world, thereby causing a flurry of discontent and accusations from the so-called scientific community.

But years of hard work have borne fruit: today the harm from sitting is officially recognized both in the USA and in Canada, Australia and the EU; Dr. Levin works with the US government, consults with dozens of companies and educational institutions that are starting to get out of their comfortable chairs and armchairs.

Over the last decade, more than 10,000 scientific papers on the harm of sitting and immobilization have been published in the world. With his book, Dr. Levin summarizes 40 years of international research. The work of Dr. Levin made a contribution of primary importance to the creation and development of this direction in the Western world. The courage and patience of this individual made an incredible breakthrough in the blocked public consciousness.

Useful literature on the effects of sitting

As already mentioned above, more than 10,000 scientific works have been published in the world about the harm of sitting and immobilization, and if you are still thinking about working standing or not, we recommend reading the following books:

  • James Levine's book "Get up! Why stool is killing you and what you can do about it” USA. People have been sitting for only about 200 years. This is primarily related to the phenomenon of urbanization and industrialization. Clearly, as a species we are not designed to sit. In this way, the modern immobilized person is lazy, slagging and sick.
  • R. Collins "Sitting Leads to EARLY DEATH" Great Britain.

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