TEHNOTABLE demonstrated at ORGATEC-2022 its solutions for organizing comfortable and productive work

From October 25 to 29, 2022, another ORGATEC exhibition was held in the German city of Cologne, one of the most prominent global events dedicated to modern approaches to the organization of the workspace. The TEHNOTABLE company became the only representative from Ukraine in a large-scale event that united a record number of exhibiting companies. This year, 686 companies from 43 countries took part in the exhibition, which takes place every two years. The impressive figures are due not only to global interest and the need for new ergonomic solutions for arranging a comfortable work environment - for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, ORGATEC-2022 took place in an offline format. We can state that the "reboot" of the event was successful and with our direct participation!

The exhibition has every chance to give a strong impetus to the further development of the industry, and the TEHNOTABLE team is proud to be involved in this process as well. At ORGATEC-2022, we demonstrated two of our new solutions that have the greatest potential for entering the international market.


Our AR platform relieves back discomfort and prevents the appearance of office syndrome, creating favorable conditions for the recovery of the Achilles tendon - one of the largest and strongest, but at the same time one of the most frequently damaged in the human body. It has been proven that physical therapy can strengthen muscles and prevent stretching of the tendon, so in our development we have combined three proven non-invasive methods of its restoration at once.

The Achilles platform has proven itself in the prevention of injuries, as well as an effective way to maintain the elasticity of muscles and tendons. It will become a reliable assistant for everyone who, given the working conditions, spends most of the working day sitting and does not move much at all. TEHNOTABLE's AR platform is extremely easy to use: it takes up minimal space, is easy to transport, ergonomic and reliable thanks to its solid construction and carefully selected materials (wood and powder-coated metal).

According to research The Efficacy of Healthy Stand on Back Pain in Office Syndrome, Pongsak Jaroenngarmsamer, Boonsiri Keawtongpan, Phannee Rojanabenjakun, Jatuporn Ounprasertsuk, Tipvarin Benjanirat, Sapipen Krutchangthong, Sunatcha, daily two-minute exercises, for which the Achilles platform is designed, can in just one month significantly reduce back pain.


The second product we announced at ORGATEC-2022 is the innovative ENGY workstation, which completely changes the way you organize your workplace in the office or at home. In it, every element is carefully worked out so that the user enjoys the workflow:

  • the tabletop with an ergonomic cutout allows you to sit comfortably at the height-adjustable desk. 
  • load capacity up to 360 kg allows you to place any additional equipment on the work surface;
  • with three available frame options, it is easy to choose the most comfortable option according to the height of the user — from 160 to 190 cm;
  • you can safely store important documents and valuables in a convenient drawer, which can additionally be equipped with a biometric lock for opening with a fingerprint.

Visitors to the exhibition showed great interest in the extraordinary options of the ENGY table, which "care" about the physical and emotional comfort of the user. The built-in magnetic pot with your favorite plants will help you relax and calm down during a busy working day. The humidifier and air purifier with the ionization function will take care of creating optimal climatic conditions, which are essential during a long stay in the room, and the water supply function will help to consume a sufficient amount of liquid every day. In addition, we took care of high-quality lighting of the natural spectrum, provided a wireless charger for a smartphone, an electric lift for a monitor, outputs for USB ports and an outlet block in the tabletop. All in order not to be distracted from important matters, maintain a high level of productivity and at the same time take care of the emotional and physical state of the user.


Participation in ORGATEC-2022 helped us to clearly declare the TEHNOTABLE brand and our leading developments, interest participants and visitors. We have established connections with new markets and very soon our products will be available outside of Ukraine. We are sure that the demand for high-quality elements to create a comfortable workspace will only increase, so innovative ergonomic solutions for organizing the workspace will await you ahead, and for us - new achievements and participation in other interesting world-class events.

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