Friends, we have repeatedly said that the main reward for our work and development is your feedback and recognition!

Making quality custom a table with height adjustment , which should become not just your friend, but also a motivator - we are always interested in your life together with the table))

Agree, this is important, because the table is not bought for one season, but for a long time. With great trepidation and love, we treat our best and mega creative customers who give us many good ideas. We are glad that we can help you become better and make your life easier.

Today we want to share the story of one client - maybe someone will recognize themselves in it and learn something new and useful in this difficult time.


"I want to share my quarantine (and now military-anxious) work experience. When you are at home all the time, the boundaries of the working day are blurred. You can calmly sit at the computer for 12 hours and not even notice at first. But then health begins to deteriorate: back hurts, weakness. Moreover, it is possible to reach such a state that it is simply physically bad. The first reason for this is the standard height of the table (usually 75 cm). This should be fine for the average person, but everyone is different. Because of my height (190 cm), I sat in the position of a question mark. I tried to put supports (books, bricks) under the legs of the table and it helped. You still need a comfortable chair. For me, the ability to easily adjust the angle of the back turned out to be important in a chair. But even sitting comfortably for a long time is still difficult. I want to get up walk , jump, move to the rhythm of the music, which helps for a while. But after the warm-up, sitting is even more unbearable and fatigue comes faster.

And there is probably only one solution here - a table that not only allows you to set the height once for a comfortable seat behind it (with the help of a wrench and the help of a friend), but... I pressed the button, and the table rose so that you are already standing behind it ! Pressed the second button and the table returned to a state comfortable for sitting! I have a table TEHNOTABLE and I scored 4 working positions in it:

  1. for lying down in a chair;
  2. sitting in a chair straight;
  3. standing
  4. standing on the balance board.

Balance board - this is a separate topic! It is much easier to work with it while standing. You can simply roll from foot to foot or sway back. Due to this, the load is smoothly redistributed from one leg to another and between different muscle groups.

And finally, a little more about the tables TEHNOTABLE . I have one of the early models (now they generally make cosmol ) . A powerful lifting mechanism can lift a person, and already several monitors with racks are ready (once I even had a large pot with a flower on the table). The tabletop itself is large, spacious - no problems fits everything you need for work and more. She can be from ergonomic cut , can be without it. But the neckline is convenient - the elbows never hang off the table. The material of the tabletop is also any , even if it is made of solid wood. All wires, extension cords, USB hubs are hidden under the table. You can also place a hanger for the system operator under the table, boxes for trifles and many others additional options .

And that's how, having adjusted everything for yourself, you can work as much as you need and not be distracted by discomfort. I was able to feel this to the maximum when I had to move to another city to a rented apartment with the beginning of the war. How nice it was to return in a few months to my native desktop , home."

We are sincerely glad that our TEHNOTABLE table brings benefits and comfort, changes your life and increases productivity. Indeed, there are problems that torment and interfere for a long, long time, but they can be easily solved, such as, for example, discomfort from sedentary work. Taking care of your physical and mental health is more important than ever!

Take care and be healthy!

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