Recently, we visited the best massage studio in Kyiv according to the ratings of 2020 and 2021 - the "Zdorovo" clinic. We know from our own experience that due to the wrong workplace, daily schedule and lack of sleep, we feel discomfort or even pain in different parts of the body: neck, back, sternum, feet... It is with such problems and a request for consultation and advice that we visited the specialists at the "Zdorovo" clinic.

In the interview, we will receive answers to the following questions:

1. What is therapeutic / wellness massage;
2. What is the benefit of massage for body muscles;
3. What are the negative consequences of the lack of massage in our lives;
4. When to contact a specialist;
5. What should be the frequency of visits to the massage parlor.

When you come for a massage to a competent professional, you rest, but in fact (unlike the usual "rest" in front of the TV or in a smoky bar - sitting again, by the way) - the muscles get a load.
You work for your health, for your future. On yourself Do you work lying down, in the warmth, to pleasant, relaxing music, when your health is taken care of by the sensitive hands of a professional massage specialist.
Love yourself, demand attention from yourself - it is worth investing time and effort.

Let's start loving and caring about our body and organism now!


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