Transformer table

The table with electronic height adjustment TRILIFT is distinguished by its innovative design, which ensures reliability and functionality in both home and office environments. Thanks to three motors and three columns, the TRILIFT frame provides smooth and stable height adjustment from 600 to 1250 mm. The intelligent remote control with 4 memory positions allows you to easily store your favorite height settings, promoting personal comfort and productivity. TRILIFT can be configured at angles of 90°, 120°, and 180°, making it a versatile solution for various spaces — from corner workstations to the design of meeting rooms and large office spaces. This table can be configured with various tabletop sizes, giving you the flexibility to choose the best option for each space. Fun fact about standing: Studies show that changing your posture from sitting to standing periodically throughout the day can help improve circulation, reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and reduce back pain. Famous personalities such as Ernest Hemingway and Benjamin Franklin were known for their love of working while standing, which they said promoted better creativity and focus. The TRILIFT table is not just furniture - it is an investment in your health and productivity, which combines technology, style and adaptability to any working conditions.

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