Introducing WPN – the pinnacle of ergonomics and style embodied in furniture art by Alan Design Studio. This table embodies the perfect balance between ergonomic comfort and modern design, creating not only a working space, but also an aesthetic masterpiece in your interior. The collaboration with Alan Design Studio provided a unique combination of functionality and sophistication, transforming an ordinary table into an object of pride and comfort.
WPN represents the culmination of craftsmanship and uniqueness in furniture design. This model is a patented innovation that has no analogues in the markets of Ukraine and Europe, providing the exclusivity that the modern consumer seeks. Every aspect of the table, from its form to its functionality, is thought out down to the last detail, creating a unique experience for those who value high quality and individuality.
WPN embodies advanced technology and an innovative approach in its design and functionality. The table is equipped with a height adjustment system controlled by an intuitive remote control with a memory of settings, which allows users to easily adapt the workplace to their individual needs. Changing the height takes only 20 seconds, guaranteeing continuity of work and supporting a healthy lifestyle.
Scandinavian Elegance
The design of the WPN table captivates with its Scandinavian elegance, which is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. The style embodies the harmony of natural materials, such as wood, and cool shades of gray, creating a sense of calm and balance. Individually milled plywood and Plexiglas coating give the table a unique pattern when the light hits it, demonstrating that Scandinavian design can be not only functional, but also exquisitely beautiful.


WPN: Exclusivity, Innovation, Scandinavian Elegance

WPN is not just a table, it is a symbol of innovative approach and unique design. Exclusive, patented model with height adjustment, which has no analogues in the markets of Ukraine and Europe. Created for aesthetes who appreciate details and perfection of forms, WPN is the embodiment of harmony and elegance in the Scandinavian style, perfectly fitting into any interior.

But WPN is not only about beauty. It's about health and comfort. Ergonomics and care for your well-being permeate every element of this model. The height adjustment promotes correct posture and reduces back strain, demonstrating that ergonomics can be not only useful, but also extremely stylish. WPN is not only a workplace, it is your personal island of health and comfort, where every detail is aimed at supporting your well-being.

When you choose WPN, you choose not only a unique design, but also a healthy lifestyle.

Технічні характеристики

Height adjustment:75-123 cm. Allows you to easily adjust the height of the table, ensuring comfort and ergonomics during work.

Load capacity:

  • In dynamic mode:up to 50 kg, taking into account additional weighting.
  • In static mode:up to 80 kg, taking into account weighting, which guarantees strength and stability.

Color:Deep gray (moire). An unparalleled and stylish choice that fits perfectly into any interior.

Dyeing:Powder with a textural effect. Provides durability and aesthetic appearance.

Noise level:Up to 40 dB. The low noise level provides a comfortable environment for work and rest.

Management:Control panel with four memory positions, which provides ease of use and personalization.

Complete set:

  • Network filter for 5 sockets, integrated into the table frame.
  • Cable management for organizing wires.
  • Two technological holes for wires.
  • Shelf for the system unit (1 pc.).
  • Number of drawers: 2 pcs.
  • Tabletop with an ergonomic cutout.

Tabletop dimensions:

  • Length: 1800 mm.
  • Depth: 820 mm.
  • Thickness: 30 mm.

Production period:Up to 21 working days.

WARRANTY - 12 months

Доставка та оплата

Production and shipping time:Your order will be ready and shipped across Ukraine within 21 business days.

Terms of payment:

  • Subscription:30% of the total cost of the order upon registration.

Payment methods:

  1. Payment by card according to details.
  2. Online payment on the website.
  3. Payment to the current account.
  4. Cash on delivery (via "Nova Poshta").
  5. Purchase in parts - Monobank.

Delivery methods:


  • Address:Vyshneve, str. Kyivska, building 29.
  • Time:Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:00pm.
  • Bonus:Discount 800 hryvnias.

Delivery in Kyiv:

  • Conditions:Free delivery and installation.
  • Time:On weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00.
  • Process:We agree the day and time of installation together. Our craftsmen will deliver and assemble the table within 30-40 minutes.
  • Lift:Free if there is an elevator. If there is no elevator, conditions are discussed individually.

Delivery across Ukraine:

  • Carrier:"New post".
  • Conditions:Free address delivery.
  • Direct payment:Costs are borne by the buyer in accordance with Nova Poshta tariffs.
  • Packaging:Reliable, proper packaging.
  • Check upon receipt:It is necessary to inspect the goods and, in case of damage, record them with an Act in the presence of the courier.

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