A stand that will help increase free space on the table, while your devices will always be freely accessible next to you. The stand is suitable for any laptop or tablet that will take up a minimum of space on the table. Made of natural wood, the felt lining inside will ensure the integrity of your equipment from scratches and chips.
Minimalism and style
A vertical stand for a laptop is the embodiment of minimalism and style in the organization of your workspace. Made of natural wood, it has a concise and correct shape, it does not draw too much attention to itself, but is a stylish and functional accent on your table. And natural colors add warmth and peace.
Mobility and maneuverability
Create your own ideal workplace. The stand is mobile, so it gives you choice and control over exactly how your desktop looks and is organized. Convenience and creativity - all in one vertical laptop stand that you can position yourself.
Add a personal touch to your workspace! We offer an additional service - engraving. Make this accessory even more special by adding initials, a logo or a motivational inscription.


Increase the convenience and efficiency of your workspace with our innovative vertical laptop stand. With a stylish and ergonomic design, this stand provides an optimal viewing angle and improves the ventilation of your laptop, providing you with a comfortable and productive working environment. Transform your desktop with our laptop stand and enjoy convenience and style every day. The stand is made of natural oak, covered with Italian Borma oil. It is also possible to apply your name logo. The stand is portable and can be placed on any surface. Felt is glued inside for the safety of the equipment.

Технічні характеристики

Height - 50 mm

Width – 145 mm

Length – 180 mm.

Доставка та оплата

Production and Delivery Terms

Production and shipping time:

If the product is available - 1-3 days. In the case of production, the term is up to 14 days.


Terms of Payment and Delivery in Ukraine:

If there are products from the order, the following payment options are possible:

- Payment by card using the details of the FOP's card account

- Online payment on the website

- Transfer to a current account

- Postpaid through "Nova Poshta"

- Purchase in installments from Monobank

When ordering a custom solution or products that are not available, the prepayment is 30% of the total cost of the order. Payment of the second part - 70% is made upon agreement with the customer as follows:

- Payment by card using the details of the FOP card account, before the order is shipped

- Transfer to the current account, before shipping the order

- Cash on delivery through "Nova Poshta" - the service fee is paid by the Buyer.


Methods of Delivery



Possibility to pick up the order from the address: Vyshneve, st. Kyivska, building 29. (Mon-Fri 8:30-16:00). Depending on the product, there are discounts for self-delivery.


Delivery across Ukraine:

Delivery across Ukraine at the expense of the recipient. When ordering a table - free address delivery. The carrier is "Nova Poshta". When receiving the goods, it is mandatory to inspect and fix possible damages.


Delivery in Kyiv:

Delivery is carried out by Nova Poshta according to the carrier's tariffs. Delivery and installation of TABLES in Kyiv is free. We coordinate the time and date. Bringing in and setting up the table is free if there is an elevator. In other cases, conditions are negotiated individually.


Terms of Payment and Delivery across the Border



100% of the total cost of the order.


Payment methods

- Online payment on the website


Methods of Delivery

Delivery abroad is carried out by "Meest" and "Nova Poshta". The cost depends on the tariffs of the logistics company and is paid by the buyer.



- 12 months

*Subject to compliance with the rules of operation.


Warranty Repair

If malfunctions are detected, TEHNOTABLE will repair or replace them free of charge (except in cases of careless use). Delivery for repair, subject to compliance with the rules of use, is carried out at the expense of TEHNOTABLE.


Post-warranty service

After the end of the warranty period, in case of detection of malfunctions of the device or any individual element, we offer to use the services of our service department. We will repair or replace for the cost of the parts that require replacement or repair.


Exchange and return of goods

Exchange and return of the product is possible if it does not meet the order, your expectation or is of poor quality. You have the right to return the product within 14 days of receipt. Before doing so, make sure that the product has no signs of use, such as scratches or other defects. Delivery of the power of attorney is carried out at TEHNOTABLE's expense if the product does not meet the order and at the Buyer's expense if it does not meet the Buyer's expectations.



WARNING! Unfortunately, we are forced to refuse to return or exchange the product in the following cases:

- goods that were damaged after receipt (except for manufacturing defects)

- goods with traces of use

- individual orders made according to the customer's requirements

- goods after 14 days from the day of sale.

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